Friday, October 31, 2014

Gap for Gimp (gif creator) Windows Installer mirror

Mirror for Gap for Gimp version 2 (Gimp-GAP-2.6.0-Setup2).

MD5 938d9da31c2e9c34de1612e80d5b9a0c
SHA1 4422fb72a27ff73261e3b7ec1ec5c199cd1913ac
SHA256 6c7287cef151dfed96cd8a86a5d097fa40f691c28dcb071b127ee384620ea3fe

Download link  (Current as of 10/31/2014)


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Re-enable non Chrome Store extensions in Stable/Beta builds - Chrome version 38.0.2125.101 m

I wrote an extension a while back for Chrome to help me export bulk DNS requests in xml format so I could import them into my firewall easier.

Since Google blocked apps/extensions from being installed from outside the Chrome store, I wasn't able to run the app I wrote without becoming an official developer... So I didn't bother.

I finally found a (sane) solution to the problem. This was posted on the Google Product Forums. Thought I'd share the steps with a bit more detail:

  1. Download the Chrome group policy templates: (Mirror located here: MD5 Hash7eac305720bb2f70e9e3940205b45796)
  2. Extract the files. Copy (zip)\policy_templates\windows\admx\chrome.admx to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\
  3. Copy (zip)\policy_templates\windows\admx\en-US\chrome.adml (or your language/region) to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US
  4. Open Chrome and go to Options > Tools > Extensions (Or simply chrome://extensions/) and at the top, check Developer mode (if not already checked)
  5. Scroll for the extension you wish to re-enable. You should be able to double click on the ID to select it, then copy. 
  6. If you've already uninstalled the extension, you can drag the .crx files back into this extension page to reinstall. You will not be able to enable it, yet, but this will give us the ID to allow it to enable it.
  7. Run gpedit.msc from the start menu or command line (Or, if running a Home Edition version of Windows, MMC and add the Group Policy Editor snap-in)
  8. Expand User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Google > Google Chrome (not the Google Chrome with "Default Settings" in the name) > Extensions
  9. Edit the Configure extension installation whitelist on the right pane.
  10. Change the options from Not Configured to Enabled.
  11. Under the Options, click the Show button and paste in the Extension ID(s) you want to re-enable. 
  12. Ok and close out of the group policy editor. Close out of Chrome completely (check the task manager to be sure).
  13. Once you launch Chrome, navigate back to your extensions. You will not have the ability to re-enable your app/extension.